Radiant Expressions Dental offers Opalescence at-home whitening kits to their patients. We offer four different concentrations and three different flavors. Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi will determine what concentration strength is needed, will take impressions of your mouth and custom fabricate a tray to use the Opalescence whitening gel.

Step by step instructions:


Step 1

Load tray

Express one continous bead of gel approximately halfway up the facial side of the tray from molar to molar.  This should use about 1/2 to 1/3 of syringe per tray.

Step 2

Insert tray

Insert the tray in your mouth and lightly tap it to adapt the sides to your teeth.  Wear time depends on which concentration of Opalescence you used.

Step 3

Remove tray and brush teeth

Remove tray and use a finger or soft toothbrush to clean any excess gel off your teeth.  Rinse your mouth twice being sure not to swallow rinsed gel.

Step 4

Clean tray

Clean tray with soft brush and cool tap water.  Store tray in the case that came with your kit.

If you experience any significant sensitivity, stop your treatment and talk to your dentist.


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