You have a number of options for general tooth and gum hygiene in Davie, but when it comes to serious issues regarding dental surgery, the only place that you should call is Radiant Expressions Dental. Their team of dental professionals are ready to serve you and get your smile back, whether its a wisdom tooth extraction, dental implants, dentures, or any other needs. To learn more and schedule your appointment give them a call today and see what sets them apart from everyone else.

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Root Canals, Wisdom Tooth Extraction, and other Dental Surgery in Davie

People come to see the team at Radiant Expressions Dental for all sorts of dental issues. One of the most common issues our patients encounter is regarding wisdom teeth. When wisdom teeth begin to appear, they can often cause problems for the rest of your teeth, or they can become a problem in their own right. Having them removed solves these problems and can result in fewer issues down the road, including no pain from crowded teeth.

Dental Surgery near Davie

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Maybe it's not wisdom teeth you need evaluated, but some other teeth that are causing issues for you. There are a couple of options that you can look at to end the pain. The most common dental surgeries required for these issues are either a root canal or tooth extraction. If you choose to do the root canal, this will keep your tooth intact, but remove the pulp that is causing the pain you are experiencing. After that removal, they can put a crown on your tooth and it will end up feeling just like the rest of your teeth, only pain-free.

In some cases, choosing a tooth extraction might be the better alternative, and your dental surgeon can review all of the options with you so that you can make an informed decision that you are satisfied with. Like with wisdom teeth, removing a tooth can solve many issues, however unlike wisdom teeth, sometimes the tooth being removed affects your smile. In this case, there are partial dentures that can be fitted to fill in that gap so that you retain a complete smile.


Dental Surgery in Davie, FL

Davie residents have a top-notch option when it comes to dental surgery. When you or your family need teeth removed, dental implants made, or other oral surgery needs, Radiant Expressions Dental is there for you to help restore your smile.

The original name for the town of Davie was Zona. In 1909, R.P. Davie assisted then Florida Governor Napoleon Bonaparte Broward by draining swamplands. Davie, a developer, bought about 27,000 acres in the area. He also built a school in Zona. In 1916, the people of the town were so grateful they renamed the town after him. There are several high profile people that have lived in Davie, including NFL player Chad Ochocinco and MLB player Richard Bleier.

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