With engaging year-round activities for children and their parents, it’s no wonder that Family Circle magazine rated Cooper City as one of the Best 10 Towns for Families in 2007. Both families and individuals need a reliable dentist who will keep their teeth healthy and take care of any dental issues that arise. Radiant Expressions Dental proudly serves the people who make Cooper City “Someplace Special.”

Family Dentistry for a Family-Oriented Town

Cosmetic Dentistry

About half the households in Cooper City are families with children, which is why Radiant Expressions Dental treats patients of all ages. Our dentists are known for their gentle “bedside manner,” carefully explaining treatment plans and making procedures as painless as possible.

As a parent, you may feel like you’re always on the road, shuttling the kids from one activity to another. You don’t need the bother of using a separate pediatric dentist. Make your life more convenient by taking advantage of Radiant Expressions’ family dentistry expertise. You’ll find superb dental care for the whole family, all under one roof.

Cooper City Cosmetic Dentistry That Makes You Smile

Cavities, extracted teeth, stains, and crooked teeth can make you self-conscious about your smile. An experienced dentist can seamlessly restore enamel and replace lost teeth, helping you regain confidence in your appearance. Radiant Expressions Dental is your go-to Cooper City cosmetic dentistry practice, providing fillings, bridges, and crowns to correct dental damage that affects the appearance of your teeth. To tackle crooked or misaligned teeth, Radiant Expressions Dental offers our Cooper City patients Invisalign®, a see-through straightening system that gradually moves your teeth into the proper alignment without the unsightly appearance and uncomfortable metal brackets of traditional braces.


Painless, Proficient Dental Surgery in the Greater Miami Area

While dental surgery may be seen as a last resort, there are times when surgery is absolutely necessary to resolve issues such as impacted wisdom teeth, infected teeth, misaligned jawbones, or missing teeth. The highly trained surgical staff at Radiant Expressions Dental performs safe, effective dental surgery with a minimum of discomfort.

To diminish the stress of dental surgery and other dental procedures, Cooper City patients can ask for sedation dentistry. This carefully controlled process effectively lets the patient sleep through dental work, removing the anxiety of staying awake through long or complicated procedures.


Making Trips to the Dentist Pleasant for Cooper City Residents

From the Mom and Son Night of Fun to the Daddy-Daughter Dinner, Cooper City has an extraordinary commitment to family life. The town works hard to offer lively and entertaining activities for all ages. At the Touch-a-Truck event, kids can explore fire engines, construction trucks, and police cars…and maybe even get a chance to run the sirens. At the Dive-In Movie Night, families can float along together in the pool as they watch a film on a huge outdoor screen.

With spirited municipal sports teams, a wealth of outdoor recreation facilities, and the ongoing Cooper City Chess Challenge, families have the opportunity to keep mentally and physically fit.

Quality healthcare is an important part of maintaining fitness. At Radiant Expressions Dental, we’re pleased to help Cooper City families stay healthy with superior dental care.

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