When you come to Radiant Expressions Dental for a dental implant consultation, one of our dentists will evaluate the bone density to ensure that the implant will be secure.  However, in many cases, there are options when the bone density isn’t ideal that will allow an implant.

The first step of the process is placing a titanium implant.  After a period of healing, typically between four and six months, the implant will be fused to the bone and can have the replacement tooth added and shaped to match your existing teeth.

Several weeks after the titanium implant is placed, you will have an abutment added to the implant that will ultimately be used to add the replacement tooth to.  This will remain as things heal, and at the end of the healing process, a tooth crown will be attached to this abutment.  The tooth will look and feel just like a real tooth. 

Dentures for Plantation Residents

Dentures for Plantation Residents

Technology doesn’t just mean that you have a fancy phone in your pocket or purse that gives you directions to the restaurant.  It has also impacted the world of dentures, and you owe it to yourself to talk with the dentists at Radiant Expressions Dental to understand what modern dentures are like.

These dentures will be carefully fitted, and they will look to your friends and family like your very own teeth.  But its not just nice to look good, you need your dentures to work like real teeth as well.  You want to eat your favorite foods and enjoy going out with friends without worrying about slipping dentures and being embarrassed.  Our dentures are designed to fit perfectly, and the modern dentures that are being produced now are much more effective than their older counterparts.

Implant-supported lower dentures are very commonly utilized, and you may be a good candidate for an upper denture implant as well. When you have this type of sturdy support, you can feel confident at all times when you flash your smile, and you can eat whatever you want without hesitation.

Dental Implants in Plantation, FL

What makes Plantation such a fun place to live?  Perhaps its that you can play 18 holes at the Fort Lauderdale Country Club or the Jacaranda Gold Club and enjoy the great scenery.  Maybe its getting to ride in the beautiful sunshine at the Plantation Equestrian Center.  Or just enjoying one of the many parks in the city, or doing a bunch of shopping at the convenient shopping centers around the city.  But another reason to make Plantation your home is access to the best dental group in the area: Radiant Expressions Dental.

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