Full Mouth Reconstruction

Full Mouth Reconstruction

If you are in need of a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction, you need a restorative dentist with extensive experience such as Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi who will drive a successful reconstruction process from start to finish. Full mouth reconstruction requires a dedicated team that will take the necessary steps to rebuild / restore all teeth in both the lower and upper jaws. A thorough examination will be done with attention to teeth, gums, joints, or any problem areas.

It is also important in planning is the aesthetic appearance you wish to achieve. Your plan will be implemented in consideration of your unique needs.

There are many reasons full mouth reconstruction is needed, such as injury or fracturing your teeth as well as injury to the joints and muscles of your jaw. Decay or erosion of your teeth can also be a reason, as well as intractable jaw pain that is unrelieved by other procedures. Full mouth reconstruction dentistry may be the treatment of choice to establish better proportionality, color or shape to teeth that are inconsistent in appearance, creating the desire to change the appearance and/or restore optimal functionality. You can trust the experience of Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi, known locally and statewide as a full mouth reconstruction expert, with you reconstruction needs.

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