Cosmetic dentistry covers a wide variety of different procedures, some of which Cooper City residents may be familiar with.  Teeth straightening is a very common cosmetic procedure, typically done with braces but now more often with clear-aligner treatments, Invisalign being perhaps the most well-known brand.  Another common cosmetic procedure is teeth whitening.  We all love a nice smile with white teeth, but in reality, our teeth are rarely as white as you see on TV.  In order to get those pearly whites, the dentists at Radiant Expressions Dental have several options to get you that movie star smile.  Veneers are another option that can add to a beautiful smile and help protect the teeth.  Bonding and dental bridges are yet more cosmetic dentistry options available to keep your teeth protected and produce a winning smile.

Dental Surgery for Cooper City Residents

Dental Surgery for Cooper City Residents

Dental surgery covers a number of different procedures that are all very common and have been performed thousands of times by the experts at Radiant Expressions Dental.  Perhaps the most common dental surgery procedure that Cooper City residents would be familiar with is wisdom tooth extraction.  Often these teeth are removed during adolescence or early adulthood, but wisdom teeth can end up causing problems at nearly any age.  Another common dental surgery that occurs is dental implants.  When you have a missing tooth or teeth, you are more self-conscious of how you look, and you tend to smile less because then people will see these missing teeth.  Dental implants add back those missing teeth with a permanent installation of realistic-looking artificial teeth.  Sometimes you may need more help, such as reconstructive surgery to correct jaw joint issues or other structural issues.  No matter what dental surgery you might require, contact Radiant Expressions Dental for more information.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Cooper City, FL

Living in Cooper City is a blessing.  With the great weather for so much of the year, there’s no excuse to miss an outdoor workout at the Brian Piccolo Sports Park.  Or maybe you check out the Cooper City Antique Mall or play 18 holes at Cooper Colony Golf and Country Club.  But when it comes time for dental surgery or any cosmetic dentistry procedure, where would a Cooper City resident go?  You’ll get the best service and experience at Radiant Expressions Dental.

No matter what you may need, from the more simple teeth straightening options to teeth whitening or even the need for dental surgery, the helpful and knowledgeable dentists and staff at Radiant Expressions Dental will answer all your questions and help you determine the right procedure. 

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