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Full Mouth Dental Implants in Pembroke Pines FL

If you are in need of a comprehensive full mouth reconstruction, you need a restorative dentist with extensive experience such as Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi who will drive a successful reconstruction process from start to finish. Full mouth dental implants & reconstruction requires a dedicated team that will take the necessary steps to rebuild / restore all teeth in both the lower and upper jaws. A thorough examination will be done with attention to teeth, gums, joints, or any problem areas.

It is also important in planning is the aesthetic appearance you wish to achieve. Your plan will be implemented in consideration of your unique needs.

There are many reasons full mouth reconstruction is needed, such as injury or fracturing your teeth as well as injury to the joints and muscles of your jaw. Decay or erosion of your teeth can also be a reason, as well as intractable jaw pain that is unrelieved by other procedures. Full mouth dental implants & reconstruction dentistry may be the treatment of choice to establish better proportionality, color or shape to teeth that are inconsistent in appearance, creating the desire to change the appearance and/or restore optimal functionality. You can trust the experience of Dr. Hassan Al Maghazchi, known locally and statewide as a full mouth reconstruction expert, with you reconstruction needs.

Full Mouth Teeth Implants in Pembroke Pines FL

What is Full Mouth Dental Implants?

Patients who have experienced decades of wear and tear are often prime candidates for full mouth dental implants & restoration. However, the reconstruction can also help with problems that include:

– Teeth lost from trauma or decay
– Teeth that are broken or injured
– Teeth that have become worn down due to long-term erosion
– Teeth grinding
– Jaw pain caused by bite problems

Damage to teeth can be so extensive, that their dental function is poor and the patient’s lifestyle suffers – biting and chewing may be problematic, and their speech, self-esteem, and psychological well-being may also suffer because of it.

Dr. Bleeker examines the head, neck, and areas to address patient concerns and then educates the patient on the problem and available procedures available to solve it. During the assessment, the doctor will look at the following:

Teeth – the extent of damage, existence of tooth decay or cavities, and other issues will determine what dental procedure is necessary. These treatments may include veneers, crowns, bridges, or implants.

Periodontal (gum tissue)– the soft tissue of the mouth is a key area in the fight against dental problems and healthy gums are necessary to provide a solid foundation for any new dentures or crowns. A patient with poor gum or jaw health may need scaling, root planing, bone grafting, or other aggressive therapies that remove infection and promote dental health.

Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ)– the muscles that allow your jaw to function are prone to pain and discomfort when other dental problems arise. TMJ issues can cause teeth grinding and other problematic conditions and so changes to the bite must be taken into consideration. The doctor will offer education and guidance for orthodontics or other special therapies needed to address TMJ problems.

Appearance – although the goal is to address the health and function of the teeth, appearance does matter. The doctor will note such specifics as to the color, shape, and size of the patient’s teeth, as well as their natural face shape so that all treatments are appropriate and result in a natural look.

Full Mouth Teeth Implants in Pembroke Pines FL

Full Mouth Dental Implant Benefits

Radiant Expressions Dental is a leading provider of dental implants. We offer a variety of services and expertise, including:

• Every service we provide is high quality and personalized to each patient’s needs, so they can achieve the best possible smile.

• We are committed to providing only the highest level of care in an environment that feels comfortable for our patients.

• Our goal is to restore your confidence with an excellent, long-lasting result you’ll love!

Radiant Expressions Dental is a full-service dental office that offers personalized care for patients of all ages. We are committed to providing quality service and a comfortable atmosphere for our patients, so they can feel at ease while receiving the best possible treatment.

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Before and After - Full Mouth Dental Implants in Pembroke Pines, FL

Full Mouth Dental Implant Procedure

Full dental implants are used to restore the entire upper or lower arch of teeth in one complete bridge and this is often called full mouth dental implants restoration or full arch replacement. The exact number of implants required for the whole set of teeth implants can vary, according to whether it is a lower or upper arch of teeth and the number of replacement teeth being supported. We do prefer to screw such a large bridge in position as it is easily retrievable should it require any maintenance at a later date. The screws go directly through the bridge but are covered up with tooth-colored composite resin so they are completely invisible. With full mouth tooth replacement option, 6 dental implants are placed at strategic intervals throughout your upper or lower arch and it is important they receive sufficient support from the surrounding bone.

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  • Seoul National University Dental College (1987-1993)
  • Specialty training in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, Seoul National University (1993-1996)
  • Specialty training in Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania (2000-03)
  • Clinical Instructor, Department of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, University of Pennsylvania (2003-06)
  • Director of Perio-Implant International Visiting Scholar Program, University of Pennsylvania (2004-06)
  • Clinical Professor, Dept of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry, Nova Southeastern University (2007-2012)
  • Director of International Perio-Implant Program, Nova Southeastern University (2007-2012)
  • Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology
  • 2005 Educator, Academy of American Periodontology
  • Inductee, Marquis Who’s Who in America
  • National and International lecturer in the field of Periodontics and Implant Dentistry



Dr. Al Maghazchi has a great deal of dental knowledge and clinical experience which he utilizes to provide his patients with the best and the latest dental therapies and technologies. He performs different aspects of dentistry such as Implant Restorations, Veneers, Fillings (bonding), Root Canal treatments, Crowns and Bridges, Simple and Surgical Extractions, Dentures and full mouth rehabilitation.

  • Dr. Al Maghazchi is a certified provider for Invisalgin® which is the clear choice of braces.
  • As a part of his training in the head and neck anatomy, he is certified to provide Facial Fillers.
  • Dr. Al Maghazchi is member of American Dental Association, Atlantic Coast Dental Association and Florida Dental Association.


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  • Dental Surgery in Davie, Miramar, Pembroke PinesLucie Premont
    My daughter had to have 5 wisdom teeth removed... yes I said 5! They were wonderful and made the process as painless as it could have been. Their oral surgeon Dr. Kang is the best! They are caring and available after hours for questions or to help with issues. We would recommend this office to anyone who needs a dentist.
  • clientManuel Cancio
    We are very happy and appreciative of Dr. Hassan's compassion and for always going above and beyond for me and my wife's dental needs. The office staff are great and make you feel at home. I will recommend Dr.Hassan's magic hands to anyone. Thank you. Manuel & Carol
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    They took my boyfriend quickly without an appointment due to a very painful tooth ache and we're excellent. The front desk receptionist is very nice and professional. The doctor is excellent. 10/10 will return for all my dentistry needs. The best place for urgent and annual needs! Great staff and service! Also affordable!
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    Dr Hassan Maghazchi DMD bed side manner and professionalism is thus far the best dental experience I've ever had. His staff were polite and friendly he and his nurse reassured me in there confidence by engaging me in conversation and going over in detail what to expect as well as my after care. I am usually very tense and nervous as a trip to the dentist for me has never been easy but this experience left me in awe and very happy but most importantly pain free . Thank you Dr. Hassan for your patience and kindness and easy hand I appreciate everything you did for me i will definetly be referring you to all my friends for there dental needs .
  • clientMaia Eagle
    Dr. Hassan and staff are awesome. I love them to death. They are affordable and willing to work with you. Ive had a fear of dentists since I was a kid, but Dr. Hassan changed all that they are looking out for their customers.


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